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Busy Making, Photographing, and Listing!

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Wow, I have been out of the loop for quite a while.  I just started to build my inventory of handmade pieces again.   Geesh, I forgot how much work this all took… design the piece, gather all the supplies, make the piece (redo, redo, undo, redo… ok!! ;)),  photograph (like a million different angles), upload photos, crop photos for listing, and finally list the item in my online shop!  Phew, did I make you tired yet!

But, I do feel privileged to be able to bend my creative elbow again after such a long dry spell.  I really wasn’t sure I would make it back to my bench and start creating again, but here I am and loving every minute.

I have had ads to design and bid out to get some traffic to my shop, that has been fun and I actually like that side of the business.  My real love though will always be found in those quiet times (or maybe not so quiet when my music is blasting) and I am bent over my bench just lost in my beads n’ stuff.

Here are some of my latest pieces, hope you like!






I have already listed these in my new shop Accessoire on Art Fire.

Until next time… get creative!

Author: Cherie Klinger @ Accessoire Jewelry

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