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Handmade and Why I Support!

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Handmade = Love

Recently I was filling out a questionnaire which asked the question,  “Why I think buying and selling handmade products benefits society?”    Here is my answer and sums of my thoughts today”
“Oh boy, I could go on and on about why I think buying and selling handmade products benefits society.  I will try to be brief!!  First and foremost, we live in a “hurry up” world, fast food mentally society.  Handmade takes times and effort, it comes from the hands of a person who has designed, gathered, and spent time with the object… in many ways each piece is a part of the artist.  I always strive to buy handmade and homegrown because I want to encourage the self-sufficiency and effort that a person has put into a product.  I love to buy from the same vendor, farmers stand, local stores because I can establish a relationship with a person not just a corporation.  I have been a very big advocate of the handmade movement with my twitter, Pinterest, and blog posts.  I will continue to strive to support my fellow handmade artisans.  I don’t want my children to ever forget how to use their hands to make and grow things, to appreciate the beauty found in the things made and grown by others!”

My daughter is an artist and will be studying art in college, this is her last year in high school (sniff!)  I have always gravitated to artistic and creative people and just love walking around art fairs and seeing the beautiful creations that people have shared.  Of course, I am not gullible enough to think that at the same time they want to make a profit selling their art, but I still see the heart of the piece!

Barbara Olson - Quilt in Progress

I wanted to show some non-jewelry pieces of handmade.   My goal is to some both handmade jewelry and other types of arts and crafts made by hand.

That is all for now… I have some jewelry designs calling my name!


Author: Cherie Klinger @ Accessoire Jewelry

Lover of the Arts * Supporter of handmade artisans *

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