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Hoop-A-La-Palooza for Me!


Well, I have finally gone a little off the deep end… just kidding!  But I am obsessed with hoops lately.  I have been experimenting with them and having all kinds of fun.  Here are a few of my latest designs…

DSCN0166 DSCN0162 DSCN0192 DSCN0224 ??????????????????  DSCN0062DSCN0172 DSCN0219 DSCN0100

I have always loved hoops whether they are big, medium or small.  I am going to continue on my “hoop-la” adventure and keep trying new designs…

What new design love has caught your attention?


Author: Cherie Klinger @ Accessoire Jewelry

Lover of the Arts * Supporter of handmade artisans *

3 thoughts on “Hoop-A-La-Palooza for Me!

  1. Hi Cherie… Sweet design and I like the last pair of earrings. The three small beaded dangles add a little special touch to the look! Great Job!

    • Cari,

      Thanks so much for your encouragement as it comes at a good time! It is really hard starting over with a new shop and shop name, but I just keep working. Your jewelry is beautiful and I really do appreciate all the handmade artisans out there working hard everyday! We need to support one another! Have a wonderful day!

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