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A Wonderful Website – IAMTHELAB

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I would like to introduce you to a wonderful bit of eye candy known as IAMTHELAB run by this wonderful guy named Brett Torrey Haynes, and here is his handsome mug:

Founder of IAMTHELAB

You can follow IAMTHELAB and Brett at:







I stumbled across this website gem a while ago when I was on Pinterest.  I was so taken with the beauty of the photography and the handmade goodness that I found on this site, that I began to pin the beautiful work of the handmade artists I found on there.

Brett offers lots of services, of which I know I need to take advantage, because I am sure I could use them to put a pin in the derrière of my little shop!

IAMTHELAB‘s site introduces you  to something known as the “Handmade Trifecta” which consists of  a great shop, a vibrant blog and social media presence.  The best way to learn about it would visit here:

IAMTHELAB also has the The Hot Handmade Shop! which is where you will find items that they have curated and collected together from “some of the best makers on the planet and we know you’ll find something to love here.”  They have six categories which are:  (1) Baubles, (2) Craftiness, (3) Inspire, (4) Maison, (5) Print&Ink, and (6) Threads.

Here is an example from each of the IAMTHELAB‘s Hot Handmade Shop categories:





Print and Ink


**Please note no items were listed in the “Inspire” category.

As you can see, the quality of the handmade items is absolutely beautiful.  Each item will lead you back to the sites where you can find more of the individual artists’ works.

I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed in this lovely site and its’ many artists.  Please remember to support handmade artists this season and beyond.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Author: Cherie Klinger @ Accessoire Jewelry

Lover of the Arts * Supporter of handmade artisans *

One thought on “A Wonderful Website – IAMTHELAB

  1. Agreed, a great blog that I follow ! 🙂 ~ Global Jewelry

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