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Please Meet Tiro Tiro — Deliciously Bold and Brilliant Jewelry

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I recently found this wonderful artist on the IAMTHELAB blog.  I fell hopelessly in love with the jewelry that is bold, beautiful, and so reasonably priced.


Teresa Robinson is the brains and designer begin Tiro Tiro and her biography is just as super cool as her shop!

Cast and hand forged bronze earrings with woven Irish linen and oxidized sterling silver ear wire.
Vea Earrings measure approximately 2 inches in diameter.*Made to order in her Portland studio.(photo via Tiro Tiro) 

Here is an example of the work she does in her Portland studio.  Please tell me that you wouldn’t just adore wearing these beauties.  They are hand forged bronze that are woven with Irish linen.  Surely, you won’t see this type of workmanship, quality materials, and artistic beauty in a department store.

Over on the IAMTHELAB’s blog, Brett has some beautiful photos from the Tiro Tiro collection.  Some of the following photos came from IAMTHELAB website and have been used according to the IAMTHELAB’s Blog Blitz rules. I am sharing these photos with the understanding that all credit is directed back to the wonderful Brett at IAMTHELAB and Tiro Tiro.


[photo via IAMTHELAB]

b4 Bold & Brilliant: Handmade Jewelry from Tiro Tiro

(photo via IAMTHELAB)

b5 Bold & Brilliant: Handmade Jewelry from Tiro Tiro

I am a big fan of rings, especially odd shapeed rings that have a distinctly different shape. I love these rings from Teresa.  (photo via IAMTHELAB)

Ring cast in solid bronze.
**In fact, here is my favorite of Teresa’s rings!!**(photo via Tiro Tiro)

Of course, being someone who loves jewelry and making jewelry, I am especially intrigued with Teresa’s designs and her metalwork.  I hope to someday start metalsmithing and make some creations of my own. Meanwhile,to see the work of artists like Teresa is very inspiring, and to see the beautiful creations that she makes with various metals is absolutely inspiring.

I have always loved big hoop and dangle earrings.  The following earrings are an example of the type of drop earrings that I find so beautiful.   They are bold, brilliant, eccentric with an edge. Tiro Tiro is my kind of bold.

Hand carved and cast bronze earrings, oxidized sterling silver ear wire.
Earrings measure 2 by .6 inches. These earrings are made to order.(photo via Tiro Tiro)

 Bold & Brilliant: Handmade Jewelry from Tiro Tiro

As Brett pointed in the IAMTHELAB article, last year seemed to be about brass. Could this year be about bronze. Here is an example of bronze and a beautiful custom linen rope.(photo via IAMTHE LAB)

Teresa of Tiro Tiro fell in love with metalsmithing and lucky for us that she did!  She has had three successful jewelry lines (Smallthings in 2001, Stone & Honey in 2008 and Tiro Tiro in 2013). Teresa states in the Tiro Tiro “About” section that, “she lives in a little red house in Portland, Oregon with her dog, Marcelle, and shares the backyard with 4 precocious chickens.  Lucky doggie and chickens living with such a creative person!

Tiro Tiro has a  blog, find it here:


Tiro Tiro can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Look for the link Icons on her shop page.

Check out this wonderful shop and enjoy some beautiful eye candy!  You will not regret the trip.  I know I have a wish list started.

Happy Creating Much Peace!


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