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Let’s All Take A Stand – #GivingTuesday

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I am posting this Monday night on my social media accounts.  I am more than happy to write across my face the name of the organization I support,  and to which I have already pledged to start a campaign to support on my next birthday.  My family already supports many local organizations and we are supporters of St. Jude, Bethesda Mission (a local homeless shelter), the American Red Cross, and others.

I want to be bold and challenge others to begin this new year with a giving heart and “selfless” approach to others.  Aren’t you tired of seeing all the SELFIES posted across social media outlets… the endless photos and wasted space that could be used to support worthy causes and speak to greater needs.

I challenge my fellow artisans, bloggers, and citizens to stand up and print the name of the organization(s) that you plan to support this coming year across a photo of yourself… creating the “UNSELFIE”.

Here is a link to a post I found on Linked today… that challenged me to rally behind #GivingTuesday and produce my own unselfie.

Have a wonderful week!