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Quick Update!


Here is one of my latest necklaces. I used a large carnelian and the red tassel. This pretty is listed in my Etsy shop. (photo: Cherie Klinger)

I have been busy lately with doctor appointments, physical therapy, cognitive therapy, etc.  But I have an exciting interview post that I will be writing this week.  It is with a very talented young couple in Los Angeles and I am excited to share their talents with you.

Thank you for your understanding as this has been difficult time as I recover from my accident in December.  It takes alot to just photograph, edit and list my jewelry in the Etsy and StoreEnvy shops.  I also remain active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

But never one to stay down long, but I tire very quickly and have to be careful with the amount of time I am on my electronics/computers/cell/kindle due to my brain injury.

Looking forward to writing this next post for you, until then…

Much Peace and Creativity!




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Sneak Peek of My #LOCALFIND

Here is a sneak peek at a new blog post I will be doing in the future called a #LOCALFIND.  I have been writing my Shop Find of the Week and I think I have found some terrific artisans, artists, photographers, creatives, and beautiful people in general from all over the world.  However, I have been thinking that it was about time that I found and highlight some of the wonderful artists right here in my own local area.  .

I literally stumbled across my first find!  I was with my daughter and while she was getting her hair cut, I decided to walk around the local town of Mechanicsburg which happened to be celebrating Earth Day.  There were booths with all sorts of earthy goodies, plants, environmental information, etc.  It was wonderful walking in the sunshine and watching people take in the day with their families when I found myself planted in front of the Metropolis.  I have read and heard much about the art gallery, but had yet to get there.  Well, I was right on their step and had my chance.

I don’t want to give too much away, because I will be writing a nice big post complete with photos of the art found at Metropolis Collective Art Gallery.  While there I met Hannah Dobek (Art Director) and Richard Reilly (Owner), and may I say  that I liked them right away.  Hannah is the Art Director and an artist herself.  Richard is a musician and they have a whole music stage and show area in the back.  It is a great space with lots of art, groove, and fantastic energy.

I will stop here for now and just offer this sweet little graphic!


graphic design/cherieklinger

Stay tuned for more…

Wishing you all much peace and creativity!