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What’s New with Accessoire Jewelry

It has been some time since I offered an update about my shop, life, creative endeavors.  So if you don’t mind… I think it is about time.

First, I have been slowly recovering from my accident on ice in December.  My back is still painful and I have a wonderful thing called the H-Wave that is helping with the pain.  I do not take any pain meds. so this is a great alternative.  I am in Physical Therapy and attend three times a week.  My brain seemed to take quite beating when I whacked it three times on the ice that day in December.  I now have Post Concussive Syndrome which has resulted in some pretty irritating brain injury symptoms.  I go to Cognitive Therapy twice weekly.

Just writing this blog post is hard at times, but it is good for my brain but if you notice more typos and not the best sentence structure, well at least I have an excuse now!!!!!

In my Etsy shop things have been slow to get underway, but I remember way back when I had my first shop on Etsy, that it took me over a year to really get going and gain repeat customers and find a rhythm to my sales.  I am patient and realize that there are so many talented and beautiful jewelry artists to pick from that even I would have a hard time choosing which ones to buy from, in fact I am always hearting pieces that I want to buy from other people.  Kinda like when you cook for yourself and sometimes you just don’t want to eat your own cooking.  Afterall, it is nice to go out to someone else’s house to eat or to a nice restaurant.  Plus, I love to support my fellow artists and dig wearing their jewelry.

My other pursuit is metalsmithing, I don’t have much to update on this matter.  Except I am collecting tools, books, etc.  I really want to attend classes, but my injuries have left me unable to follow that goal at this time.  I need to concentrate on getting better first!

I have been writing articles on © and have a Collection, Can I Just Get My Damn Story Read!  The collection has my articles, but also stories submitted to me for inclusion in my collection. View at  Follow the link to read my articles and some of the great stories on ©Medium and in the Collections.

Here are my newest jewelry designs! I love all types of jewelry from modern, boho chic, hippie, gypsy, southwestern, plain and simple and sweet.














Making my jewelry is my therapy because I just play some music and begin to design and make and before long I am lost in the piece and my thoughts.

It has been a cold winter and long recovery.  But the sun is shining, I pray I get better each day.  I love making my jewelry and seeking refuge there in my thoughts.

Creativity is my hiding place and the place I go to find myself again.

I wish you all much peace and creativity this week!

Ⓒⓗⓔⓡⓘⓔ ✌




Let’s All Take A Stand – #GivingTuesday

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I am posting this Monday night on my social media accounts.  I am more than happy to write across my face the name of the organization I support,  and to which I have already pledged to start a campaign to support on my next birthday.  My family already supports many local organizations and we are supporters of St. Jude, Bethesda Mission (a local homeless shelter), the American Red Cross, and others.

I want to be bold and challenge others to begin this new year with a giving heart and “selfless” approach to others.  Aren’t you tired of seeing all the SELFIES posted across social media outlets… the endless photos and wasted space that could be used to support worthy causes and speak to greater needs.

I challenge my fellow artisans, bloggers, and citizens to stand up and print the name of the organization(s) that you plan to support this coming year across a photo of yourself… creating the “UNSELFIE”.

Here is a link to a post I found on Linked today… that challenged me to rally behind #GivingTuesday and produce my own unselfie.

Have a wonderful week!



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Handmade Artisan Pins

I have been making lots of jewelry lately, and I have been enjoying lots of handmade jewelry lately.  One of my favorite places to spot beautiful pieces is on Pinterest.  Here are some of my latest finds!

Here is the link to my Handmade Artisans board on Pinterest:

Colorful Hoop Earrings... beautiful!

#Grasshopper #Green #Lampwork Bead #Handmade #Glass #Bead #Opaque Fine #Silver @Charlotte Hayes #artfire - Jewelry on ArtFire

wrapped wire cross

#Copper #Chandelier #Earrings, #Gypsy Bohemian #Boho Style #Handmade by #AnnaArtist on #artfire #jewelry

Of course, there are many other types of handmade and in a future post I will highlight other pieces of handmade artistry!

Have a great week creating!!


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Busy Making, Photographing, and Listing!

Wow, I have been out of the loop for quite a while.  I just started to build my inventory of handmade pieces again.   Geesh, I forgot how much work this all took… design the piece, gather all the supplies, make the piece (redo, redo, undo, redo… ok!! ;)),  photograph (like a million different angles), upload photos, crop photos for listing, and finally list the item in my online shop!  Phew, did I make you tired yet!

But, I do feel privileged to be able to bend my creative elbow again after such a long dry spell.  I really wasn’t sure I would make it back to my bench and start creating again, but here I am and loving every minute.

I have had ads to design and bid out to get some traffic to my shop, that has been fun and I actually like that side of the business.  My real love though will always be found in those quiet times (or maybe not so quiet when my music is blasting) and I am bent over my bench just lost in my beads n’ stuff.

Here are some of my latest pieces, hope you like!






I have already listed these in my new shop Accessoire on Art Fire.

Until next time… get creative!